Mammoth Broadband offers the following plans based on data consumption on a monthly basis. We do not intentionally throttle speeds, and we do not have any overages charges. If the data allowance is regularly exceeded based on the plan, an upgrade to a higher tier may be required to continue service.

Standard $69.95

Speeds up to *15mbps

Up to 400GB/mo

Web Browsing, Paying Bills Online, Email.

Enhanced $99.95

Speeds up to *30mbps

Between 400GB and 1,000GB/mo

Social Media, Video Streaming, Smart devices.

Ultra $129.95

Speeds up to *50mbps

Over 1,000GB/mo

Working from Home, Gaming, HD Streaming, Large Downloads.

Tips to reduce data consumption.

-Change streams to use a lower resolution. (1080p uses 3GB/hr while 4k can use up to 12GB/hr)
-Power off unused devices.
-Disable automatic updates on gaming consoles.

*Actual speeds may vary and are also dependent on factors outside of our control.
Internet service is provided as "best effort." We do not guarantee uptime or speeds. Many factors outside of our control can cause loss of internet including upstream provider availability, weather (rain/heat), unforceed high usage, wireless noise/interference, equipment failure, pest destruction just to name a few.

Mammoth Broadband does not provide support for customer owned equipment.

Additional charges may apply for house calls, and are scheduled based on availability.