High speed internet that is not overpriced and not oversubscribed.

We understand your frustrations with your current provider. Maybe when you first signed up with them, it was pretty good, but as time went on, their prices just kept increasing and their service just kept getting slower. That is because everyone else heard about them and signed up, and their towers became overloaded. By that time, the provider has already moved to a new area and has no intention of ever upgrading the tower because they are profitable. Since you live out in the country, you don't really have much of a choice due to lack of competition.

Meet Mammoth Broadband!

We had the exact same frustrations and our solution was Mammoth Broadband. How are we different from the other rural internet providers? First: We operate a small coverage area. Keeping the range of our customers nearby provides strong signals and increased overall internet performance. Second: We do not overload our towers. When a tower reaches capacity, we no longer accept new customers without first building additional capacity. Third: We are a no-contract provider. This forces us to keep our customers happy by continually providing a high-performance network. Fourth: we deliver what we advertise. Many other rural providers advertise speeds that are grossly over what they can actually provide, and then lock the customer in to a long-term contract. We are different.

How do I sign up?

In order to accomplish our goal, we have a relatively small service area. As a result, we do not allow sign-ups over the interent. Contact us directly to check and see if we service your location.

Where do we service?

We are located in Parker Co TX, we currently serve parts of Azle, Springtown, and Weatherford. We generally can determine if you are in range of our tower with just your address, and then confirm with a free site survey. We can often perform the site survey without requiring access inside the home.

Is there an Installation Fee?

Our standard installation is $200. Some locations sites may require additional equipment or hardware beyond the standard install. There is no contract associated with the install or service.

How does billing work?

We have automatic billing and we accept all major credit cards. Please visit the Billing link at the top for more information.